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 Company Overview

Go with a Company that stands behind it's Brand with 8 years of Tax Experience in the Finacial Industry, we know how to save you money & time. We pride ourselves on excellent customer services and will never charge you for our time. As a locally and nationwide owned and operated business, We are licensed professionals who guarantee your satisfaction. Go with a growing company that takes their time in serving you with pride with a smile as your Go-To-Services, who branding the company with apparel. So Check us out!



My mission Is to achieve an Entrepreneur career for moms & dads who can not go out their and work full time due to family or single parenting or maybe illness, but rather work harder for themselves and not give up because it takes carriage and Faith as well as Strength to do something positive in your life, we need to believe in ourselves that we can do this and give it a chance & stop doubting ourselves as failures. God believe in you so do you!.

Tax Advantage Ink strongest mission is our word of mouth across 6 states so far and growing; A small business that have other competitors; What separate us from others is we give back to show our appreciation; and follow call to insure our clients experience so far, not only during tax season; what makes Tax Advantage Ink different from other competitors is our slogan which states Someone Who Cares about your taxes needs because we do; We don't pressure no one to do business with us; we pride in comfort-ability; warmness; security; accurate information; relability; appreciation and if we don't know we will find out the solution; We or a strict dress code company; But again we would love for you to come check us out; at Tax Advantage Ink- SomeOne Who Care's!


General Information

My Goal is to make sure that we can complete all your needs, we operated the same way as the Bigger Corporation,

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{Don't knock us if you haven't tried us}! My Achievements as of Today!

Tax Advantage Ink, LLC- Certificate of Excellence of ownership & tax professional

Ashford University On-line school- Current BA Entrepreneur Student 

Federal Direct Tax Partners- In Excellence for Tax Preparation in 2007/ 2010

Audit Guard Partners- In Excellence for Tax protection- 2011- Current

Protection Plus- In Excellence in Tax Protection 2011/ Current

Cross-Links Partners- Tax Professional Of Excellence 2011/ Current

Ameriplan USA- Regional Sales Director 2008/ 2009

Legal Shield Assistant- Prepaid Legal -2014/ Current

Sr.Account Executive with Connexions { FedEx}

 Kane's Furniture- Lead customer service & sales representative

Volunteer mom of month at Frost Elementary & Gunita middle school

Primerica Independent Associate - Current